Chelsea Clinton transformation


Over many years in the public eye, Chelsea Clinton has slowly but surely come into her own fashion sense, blossoming from an early loungewear enthusiast into a woman who makes pretty solid sartorial selections. Let’s take a look at the stunning transformation of Chelsea Clinton. All casual When her father Bill Clinton was first running for his eventual seat as the 42nd president of the United States, the then-12-year-old Chelsea Clinton was regularly seen wearing her go-to get-up: a simple T-shirt and denim jeans. And even the night her father was nominated as the Democratic candidate, she kept it low key with an easy sailor-inspired white dress, as well as her usual no-fuss, no-muss approach to curl management. Glam it up After Bill Clinton was announced as winner of the nation’s biggest night, Chelsea ditched her low-key outfits for something a little more stately as she joined her father in accepting his new role as Commander in Chief — and her own role as First Daughter. Not only did she tame her mane into tighter tendrils, but she also donned a classic plaid coat and gloves to match the timelessness of her parents’ own ensembles. Growing into her own As time progressed, Clinton began to adopt her own style sense. Here, when she was still just 15, she attended Easter services with her parents at Washington’s Foundry Methodist Church and looked positively ready to enroll in law school just like her folks once did in her smart black dress suit with complimenting collar lines on the shirt beneath. Upgraded travel gear In 1996, Clinton joined her father and Buddy the dog on the runway to board Air Force One for a family getaway at Martha’s Vineyard.

Not only had she found an excellent stylist to give her locks a little color punch, but she also decked herself out in casual business style with a classic grey cashmere sweater and some snappy dress pants that made her look all grown up already. One word: pantsuits On Twitter, Hillary Clinton’s bio declares her to be a “pantsuit aficionado.” “Over the years, people have read a lot of different things into my pantsuits.” But she isn’t the only member of the family who’s big on trotting around in trouser combos. Here, during a trip to New Zealand for the 1999 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference, Chelsea stepped out in a blazer suit that was so akin to what her mother had been known to wear it could have easily been borrowed from her closet. Flair wear Clinton’s love of tennis has helped bring out her playful side on several occasions, most notably at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. The arm-bearing blouse and knee-length pencil skirt are on point, but the real kicker of the ensemble was the rad pair of sunglasses she wore that made the then-student of Stanford University look like the cool college kid that she was at the time.


Accessorizing Clinton’s modesty modality never went by the wayside, but she did start to cycle in some key accoutrements to her outfits, like with this savvy neck scarf that perfectly complemented her brown blazer during her father’s 2004 speaking event at the Little Rock Arts Center. She also earned some major snaps for subtly corresponding with her mom’s similarly earth-toned get-up at the event as well. One daring dame Over the years, Chelsea’s look had evolved from relatively matronly to outright ravishing, as with this flattering skirt suit she wore to the opening of Bill Clinton’s presidential library in their home state in 2004. Her classically-curled ‘do was the perfect fit for the scalloped collar of her pretty little blazer. And the fact that she matched it with a nervy leather skirt for such a high-profile affair as that was all the more exciting. Unimpeachable style Clinton has gotten professional wear down to a strict science during her time in the spotlight, but she’s also gotten a clear handle on what works for her. She proved that with this amazing ensemble she put together for the School of American Ballet’s Winter Ball in 2012.

Anything more on the accent piece front would’ve taken away from the beautiful fit and fabrics of her two-toned number, but anything less would’ve been too plain for such an event. Her stacked, deep red necklace was just the right touch and size to give the look the exact pop it needed while remaining squarely within her comfort zone, so it was well-played indeed. She’s also wearing it as well as the stars For Hillary Clinton’s second run for the Oval Office, Chelsea Clinton, now a new mom herself, was once again busy supporting the bid. For her speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, she took the stage in a form-fitting red Roland Mouret dress that had the press buzzing about her trendy threads. It didn’t hurt that the same frock had been seen on the Hollywood starlet circuit not long before, only in a tamer blue! Bold new world Since the outcome of the 2016 presidential race, Chelsea has boldly emerged in style from her family’s loss, making appearances in bright colors and patterns — a shift from her prior outfits, which leaned toward neutral and classic. After making a video with Variety to deny rumors she was planning to run for office herself, she evoked change through a different route, educating and empowering kids with the bestselling children’s book She Persisted: 13 American Women who Changed the World. Calm, cool, and collected even under the paparazzi glare: there’s nothing that can faze the stylish Chelsea Clinton now.


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